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footie_pimp's Journal

The Footie Pimp
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Welcome to The Footie Pimp, a fandom resource for writers and readers of football/soccer RPS. Here you will find recommendations for fiction of high quality across club and country lines (made by YOU, the members).
footie_pimp is run on through a monthly pimp rotation in the style of crack_van.

Please read the rules below before posting. Posts are moderated to ensure that the rules are followed and to keep the quality of the actual recommendations appropriate for the community.

1. Team/Player/Pairing Overviews
As this community is meant to introduce people to fic they have never read before, it is likely that some people will have no serious knowledge of players or pairings that are popular in a team or league. Team Overviews will be required for first time team pimpers. The overview should include a team photo(s), some basic information about the club (where they play, rivalries, key players) and some resource links such as the official website. Player pimps should be ready to show off your player's sexy in a small pic spam, with some interesting facts thrown in to let us get to know your player. Pairing pimps should provide some sort of ~evidence~ for your pairing. These are not massive projects. We just want to get to know your team, player or pairing, if we're not already familiar with them. Only the first pimper per team/player/pairing will need to do these overviews.

2. Number of recs per month
Pimps will be required to post at least three fanfiction recs during their assigned months, with no more than five recs. There will be three pimps per month, so we'll get anywhere from nine to fifteen fanfiction recs a month. Pimps may also post an additional TWO video, icon or picspam recs. These recs are NOT included in your five recs. They are simply meant to give us a little taste of the other sides of our fandom.

When you fill out your sign-up form, you must include a valid e-mail address, as I will be e-mailing the pimps in the middle of the month with their current counts for recs. If a pimp fails to post at least three fanfiction recs in their month, they will not be allowed to pimp for at least three months. You know what you're signing up for, people. Don't sign up if you don't think you can find three good fics in a month for your team, player or pairing.

3. Signing up
Our pimps will be chose on a first come, first serve basis. We're a smaller group, so it's unlikely that you will wait very long to get to pimp your boys. However, because I will be making an attempt to diversify the subjects pimped (for example, I'll try not to have three EPL related pimp topics at a time), there may be a month or two waiting period before you are able to pimp for us. I'll give you a week notice before the first of the month to make sure you are still interested in pimping.

You are very welcome to sign-up to pimp multiple teams, pairings or players. You will NOT be able to pimp two different topics in the same month.

4. What you can pimp
You can only pimp fic, icons or picspams that someone else produced. This is not the place to let everyone know that you just finished your 82347109237497 page Steve/Xabi pr0n epic. Granted, if you wrote a good 82347109237497 page Steve/Xabi pr0n epic, it's likely that it will be pimped here by someone else. In other words, this is a place to give your fellow fans the support they deserve. There are plenty of places out there show off your own work. Try footballslash. That's where you'll get the majority of your traffic if you don't have a footie lovin' flist to start with.

Do not pimp flocked or password protected fiction, icons or picspams. Not all of us want a flist of 4 million just to get to the good stuff.


Post a comment herewith the topic (team, player or pairing) that you wish to pimp in the coming months. Please include a working e-mail address. You will be notified at least a week in advance of your pimp status for the month. You will have 3-4 days to respond to my e-mail, agreeing that you will be able to post three fic recs during the coming month, or your place will be given to another prospective pimp.

When you post a fic rec, please continue to use our rec format:

League/Team/Pairings (if applicable):
(for instance, EPL/Manchester United/Ruud van Nistelrooy and Cristiano Ronaldo)
Genre of the piece: (Comedy, AU, angst)
Rating: (from G - NC-17)
Short Summary:

Why we should read this
(between 100-200 words, please):

Link to the fic: (preferably on LJ)

Please continue to tell your friends about the comm and try to attract new members. I'm hoping that this will increase the participation at the comm and help it reach its goal of being a place for new fans and old to find new (and most excellent) ficcage.